Kerala Cuisine – Traditional Food and Dishes of Kerala – Local Dishes of Kerala

Kerala Cuisine is a cooking style originating in the Kerala, an area in the south India. Kerala cuisine offers a large number of both veggie lover and non-vegan foods arranged utilizing fish, poultry and red meat with rice an average backup. Chilly, curry leaves, coconut, mustard seeds, turmeric, tamarind, and asafetida are generally every now and again utilized.

Kerala is known as the ‘Land of Spices’ since it exchanged flavors with Europe just as with numerous antiquated developments with the most seasoned verifiable records of the Sumerians from 3000 BCE.

Flavors have consistently had a necessary impact of Kerala’s set of experiences. Kerala cuisine is an illustration of exactly the same and we have contributions for individuals from everywhere the world. Be it popular worldwide café networks or neighborhood restaurants, we have everything a foodie could want ready with that unique Kerala taste to it. The food here takes into account vegans and non-veggie lovers the same. Let the kinds of our past and our future take you on a great excursion.

The staple food of Kerala is extraordinarily affected by the set of experiences and culture of the state. It’s a mix of both vegan and non-veggie lover alternatives, in which the last is arranged an assortment of things like fish, poultry and red meat. Rice, fish, and coconut are the most widely recognized elements of practically all Kerala renowned food.

One of the conventional Kerala dishes is vegan and is known as the Kerala sadhya, which is an intricate meal ready for celebrations and services. A full-course sadhya, which comprises of rice with around 20 distinct backups and sweets, is the stately dinner of Kerala eaten typically on celebratory events including relationships, Onam and Vishu. It is served on a plantain leaf.

Due to its rich exchanging legacy, over the long run, different native Kerala dishes have been mixed with unfamiliar dishes to adjust them to neighborhood tastes. Coconuts fill in bounty in Kerala, so ground coconut and coconut milk are usually utilized for thickening and seasoning.

However the conventional food of Kerala, including Kerala Sadya arranged during celebrations and celebratory functions, is vegan, the contemporary food of the state incorporates non-veggie lover dishes. One may likewise have the option to distinguish the flavor of coconut in many dishes in Kerala, attributable to the way that mixing ground coconut and its milk in food for thickening and seasoning is a typical culinary practice in India.

Kerala’s long coastline and various streams have prompted a solid fishing industry in the locale, making seafood a typical piece of dinners. Rice is filled in bounty alongside custard. It is the principle starch fixing utilized in Kerala’s cuisine.

Having been a significant creation space of flavors for millennia, the area utilizes dark pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger, and cinnamon. Kerala likewise has an assortment of breakfast dishes like idli, dosa, appam, idiyappam, puttu, and pathiri.


Popular Kerala traditional foods are Sadhya, Kerala Porotta with beef curry, Puttu and Kadala Curry, Kappa and Meen Curry, Alleppey Fish Curry, Arikkadukka, Avial, Avial – Sadya Special, Beef Fry, Beef Kurumulakittathu, Beef Ularthiyathu, Beetroot Kichadi, Bitter Gourd Fry or Pavakka Varuthathu, Cabbage Thoran, Cashew & Drumstick Avial, Chemmeen Kari or Prawn Curry, Chemmeen Moilee, Chemmeen Thullichathu, Cherupayar Thoran, Chicken Curry, Chicken Pepper Fry, Chicken Thoran, Chilli Garlic Prawns, Chuttirachi or Grilled Beef, Dry Fish Curry, Dry Prawns with Cabbage, Duck Mappas, Duck Roast, Egg Koottu, Erissery, Fish Curry, Fish in shredded coconut, Fish Mappas, Fish Moilee, Ginger feathered tiger Prawns, Golden Fried Prawns, Green Masala Fried Karimeen, Grilled Pomfret Fish or Meen Pollichathu, Irachi Pathal, Kaalan, Kai Mezhukkupuratti, Karimeen Pollichathu, Kaya Attirachi Curry, Koottu Kari, Kozhi Pacha Vattichathu, Kozhuva Varuthathu (Anchovies Fry), Malabari Fish Roast, Masala Fried Fish, Masala Fried Prawns, Masala Grilled Pork, Meen Curry, Meen Moleshyam, Meen Muringakka Curry, Meen Peera, Meen Thavayil Pollichathu, Mezhukkupuratty, Mussel or Kallumekkaya Ularthiyathu, Mutton Coconut Fry, Mutton Stew, Mutton Urunda Kulambu, Nadan Kozhi Curry, Netholi Vazhayilayil Pollichathu, North Malabar Prawns Curry, Olan, Pantithal, Pappadam Thoran, Paral Chuttathu or Grilled Paral, Parippu, Pazham Pulissery, Pearl Spot or Karimeen Mappas, Pineapple Pachadi, Ponnankanni (Koyipachappu), Pork Peralan, Pork with Kaya Ularthiyathu, Prawns Chilly Fry, Prawns Fry, Prawns fry or Chemmeen Varuthathu, Prawns in Country Style, Prawns Masala, Prawns Pollichathu, Pulissery, Puzha Meen Curry, Rasam, Roasted Coconut Chutney, Sambar, Seafood Grill, Seer Fish Curry or Neimeen Vevichathu, Seer Fish Molee, South Indian Potatoes, Squid Ularthiyathu, Stewed Vegetables with Prawns, Stuffed Chicken, Stuffed Mussels with seafood, Thal Curry, Thalassery Prawns Curry, Theeyal, Travancore Appam and Thalasserry Mutton Curry, Travancore Chicken Fry, Ulli Theeyal, Vada Koottu Curry, Varutharacha Chicken Curry, Varuttirachi, Vegetable Manga Mappas, Vellarikka Kichadi, etc.


Sadhya is a dining experience of Kerala beginning and of significance to all Malayalis, comprising of an assortment of conventional vegan dishes generally served on a banana leaf in Kerala as lunch. Sadhya implies dinner in Malayalam. Sadhya is commonly filled in as a conventional dish for Onam, the state celebration of Kerala.

A common Sadhya can have around 24–28 dishes filled in as a solitary course. In situations where it is a lot bigger one it can have more than at least 64 things, like the Sadhya for Aranmula Boatrace (Valla Sadhya). During a conventional Sadhya festivity individuals are situated leg over leg on mats. Food is eaten with the right hand, without cutlery. The fingers are measured to shape a spoon.

The primary dish is plain bubbled rice, served alongside different dishes altogether called Kootan which incorporate curries like parippu, sambar, rasam, pulisseri and others like kaalan, avial, thoran, olan, pachadi, kichadi, koottukari, erissery, mango pickle, pulinji, naranga achaar (lime pickle), just as papadam, plantain chips, sharkara upperi, banana, plain curd and buttermilk. The buttermilk is ordinarily served close to the furthest limit of the dinner. The conventional treat called payasam served toward the finish of the dinner is of numerous sorts and typically at least three are served. A portion of the assortments are Paal Ada, Ada Pradhaman, Paripu pradhaman, chakkapradhaman, and so on

Puttu and Kadala Curry


Puttu is a round and hollow steamed rice cake cooked with coconut shavings. This is an amazingly mainstream breakfast thing and staple food of Kerala. This Kerala food thing is normally presented with kadala curry which is basically dark chickpeas however can be eaten in however it tastes great.

Kappa and Meen Curry


Cassava or Tapioca is alluded to as Kappa in Malayalam. Kappa is bubbled to shape a smooth surface and afterward eaten with Meen (Fish) Curry. The hot red Meen Curry with tamarind and coconut and Kappa is a staple blend in Kerala food.

Karimeen Pollichathu (Fish)


One of Kerala’s most conventional delights, Karimeen Pollichathu is a dish made out of the Pearl Spot Fish, a dotted fish normally found in the backwaters of this Alleppey and Kumarakom. Karimeen Pollichathu is initially a Syrian Christian delicacy however has now become part of the rich Kerala cooking. The dish is ready by marinating the fish in a combination of lemon juice, red chillies, and different fixings (the vast majority of which are assortments of flavors!), and afterward wrapped and prepared in plantain leaves.

Kerala Style Fish Molee


A totally shocking component of Kerala cuisine, the Kerala Style Fish Molee is a top choice of all living in and visiting Kerala. The huge kind of coconut and kocoum, additionally know as Kudampuli will essentially blow your faculties. All seafood sweethearts should attempt this dish basically once in their life to take the idea of high end food to an unheard of level.

Kerala Prawn Curry


It’s stunning how basic parts in a dish meet up to make something so wonderful. This conventional prawn curry is sprinkled with stew, salt, pepper and afterward dunked in heaps of coconut milk, jaggery and afterward at last got done with curry leaves.

Nadan Beef Curry (Kerala Style Beef)


Nadan Beef is among the most mainstream Kerala dishes that is either simmered or cooked in thick sauce. It is cooked flawlessly for that ideal liquefy in-the-mouth consistency prior to being presented with Porotta, chapatti, or rice. Meat sweethearts, here’s another breathtaking justification you to run away to Kerala.

Naadan Beef Fry (Kerala Style Beef Fry)


The deadening kinds of this dish will make it very hard to drop out of affection with this spot and with what it has to bring to the table to its visitors. The dish is covered with curry leaves, ginger garlic glue and mustard leaves liberally.

Thalassery Biryani


It’s really the most fascinating Kerala cooking. Among the different places in Kerala, Calicut and Thalassery offer the most powerful assortments of biryani in Kerala. One can partake in the flavor of Chicken 65 or Chilly Chicken Stir Fry with a luxurious platter of Kozhikode or Thalassery Biryani for a definitive biryani experience.

Kallumakkaya Ularthiyathu (Mussel Stir Fry)


Each seafood dish in Kerala holds a special touch, on account of the variety of Kerala food plans. The mussels are first wiped out with care and afterward cooked in shallots, garlic, chillies, turmeric, garam masala, and a weighty portion of ground coconut. However Kallumakkaya Ularthiyathu requires a great deal of time and exertion in its readiness, it’s absolutely worth the stand by and will leave you licking the curry off your fingers.

Aattu Erachi Varutharacha Curry (Fried-Ground Mutton Curry)


Erachi Varutharacha is probably not going to be on the menu of any of the cafés in Kerala. It is a customary food of Kerala, oiginally of the Syrian Christian people group. The readiness typically includes browning and granulating the flavors prior to blending them in a base of sheep, onions and tomatoes. We bet you’ve never had as delightful a dish of sheep as this.

Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu (Spicy Chicken Fry)

This form of a chicken fry is something that is incredible. Served on a banana leaf, the chicken is singed with onion, garlic, bean stew, vinegar and coriander. The searing taste of this famous Kerala food thing on your tongue will leave you wanting for additional.

Naadan Kozhi Curry (Kerala Chicken Curry)

In case you are in-your-face non-veggie lover, this is an absolute necessity attempt. You can have naadan kozhi curry with nearly anything-plain rice, ghee rice, pulao, biryani, naan, pathiri, chapati and even with a slice of bread. It is a mouth-watering dish.

Palada Payasam

Palada Payasam is a sweet rice kheer arranged with palada. The dish is normally ready and served during promising events and celebrations like Onam. Among the numerous assortments of payasam, Palada Payasam is the most well known and is made out of fundamental fixings like rice ada, milk, sugar, and ghee.

Ethakka Appam (Banana Fritters)

Pazham Pori or Ethakka Appam are both unique, however similarly delightful assortments of banana squanders that fill in as a customary lunch time nibble in the families of Kerala. They’re essentially ready bananas covered with plain flour and pan fried in oil and fill in as a fundamental piece of Kerala cooking. Ensure you don’t leave Kerala without attempting a portion of these with your portion of evening tea or espresso.

Appam with Stew


Appam is simply something that is by all accounts an unrest in the food world. It is a rice flapjack with a delicate and thick focus and a fresh, paper flimsy outside. Regardless you eat it with, appam will expand that dish’s taste esteem past hundred! Notwithstanding, it is generally matched with a southern style stew where lumps of any sort of meat in covered in a velvety, rich, fantastic coconut curry which will leave you pitiful when it wraps up.


Idiyappam is fundamentally made of rice flour, water and salt. Various strands of vermicelli are laced together to make this adaptation of an appam. Otherwise called noolappam, this Kerala dish can be combined with any curry and still taste incredible.

Ada Pradhaman


Ada Pradhaman predominantly contains bits of rice hitter (ada) and sweet coconut milk in which they are served. It is the most loved sweet dish in the rundown of Kerala food and one spoonful is all you need to go gaga for it.

Chatti Pathiri


A layered baked good made in North Malabar and Malabar districts of Kerala, Chatti Pathiri is like the Italian lasagna. The thing that matters is that, in the Keralite variant, level breads or flapjacks made out of flour, eggs, oil and water are utilized rather than cheddar sheets. The filling is the most amazing aspect of these sweet Kerala dishes! Chatti Pathiri is loaded up with improved beaten eggs, nuts and raisins, and is prepared with cardamom.

Erissery (Pumpkin and Lentil Stew)

Loaded up with sound elements of gram and pumpkin, is one of the customary kootan in Kerala cuisine. The mix of coconut and different flavors (cumin, turmeric, and so on) alongside the vegetables is stunning. It is ought to be appreciated with hot rice for a superior encounter. Erissery is one of the principle side dish (kootan) served in sadhya.

Coconut Toddy (Kallu)

Kallu or coconut drink is a fascinating beverage arranged from delicate coconut in Kerala. It is of two sorts harsh and sweet. The sweet kallu is a lot of invigorating while local people mature it to make arrack or the sharp kallu (around 8% liquor content) which is like the North Indian beverage ‘bhang’. The nearby get ready vinegar, palm jaggery and yeast from this palm drink. In case you are visiting Kerala, have a go at watching the nearby extricating drink from the coconut tree. It would be an exceptionally intriguing encounter.

Thattu Dosa with Coconut Chutney/Sambar

Thattu Dosa is popular road food in Kerala. A hitter with rice and urad dal is made and matured for the time being. The following day the dosa is ready on a level non-stick skillet like a crepe. Then, at that point the dosa is presented with 2-3 sorts of chutneys and sambar.

Customary Kerala Snacks

Kerala has a wide assortment of tidbits to stir up your hunger. They go about as ideal fillers between primary courses and can be found in families across the State. From sweet luxuries to hot treats, the surface and kind of every single one of them is incredible. We have shared a portion of the most loved snacks of the State with you underneath. Every formula has its own novel story that reverberates with our kin.

Aadu Attipathal, Egg Cutlet, Erachi Vada, Finger Prawns, Kottayam Churuttu, Muttamala and Pinjanathappam, Pazhampori (Banana Fritter), Prawns Ilayada, Unnakaya, Unniyappam, Uzhunnu Vada, Vattayappam, Vishu Katta-A Festive Special, Ulli Vada (Onion Vada), Parippu Vada (Dal Vada), Neyyappam, Sugiyan, Samosa (Veg&Non-Veg), Malabar Halwa, and a lot more are some well known snacks of Kerala.

Kerala Pickles (Mango, Lemon, Goosberry, Fish, Meat, and so forth)

Pickles are adored for the fiery and tart component they add to each feast. They are a staple in kitchens across Kerala for both their rich taste, wide assortments and their restorative properties. Explicit fixings contain properties that help scrub and settle the sense of taste after a substantial dinner. Here are probably the most cherished pickle plans from the State that will upgrade your culinary experience.

Side Dishes of Kerala Food

Our palates are assorted and subsequently the decisions with respect to food have consistently been tremendous in Kerala. With regards to side dishes, our choice covers decisions that incorporate both vegan and non-veggie lover alternatives. Singular people group have their own claims to fame and we have included as large numbers of the uncommon treats as we could in this determination. From the huge Sadya spread which incorporates side dishes like Avial, Thoran, Koottucurry and Olan alongside local deals with like the Alleppey Fish Curry and Malabar Fish Curry, the rundown continues endlessly.