Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu Tour Packages


Kodaikanal is a hill station, situated in Dindigul region of Tamil Nadu. It is perhaps the most popular special first night objections in India. A Lakeside resort town of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal has a wonderful environment, fog covered manicured precipices and cascade that meet up to make the ideal setting for an ideal escape.

The word Kodaikanal is a mixture of two words: kodai and kanal. The Tamil language has at any rate four potential in perpetrations of the name Kodaikanal. By articulating the primary syllable of Kodaikanal with a long Tamil ‘O’ as in koe-de, it signifies ‘summer’, while the last two syllables kanal can signify ‘to see’, rendering Kodaikanal as a “spot to find in summer”. It is summer timberland, and it is a spot that the primary ministers utilized as an asylum to get away from the domineering and mosquito-ridden warmth of the fields a spot that they would have depended on finding in the late spring.

Settled in the midst of the moving slants of the Palani Hills, Kodaikanal remains at an elevation of 7200 feet above ocean level, and once you visit this slope station, you will track down that all of what you have envisioned it to be is genuine. It is a spot you can go to take a break from the afflictions of day by day city life, and this slope station allows you to pause for a minute and interface with nature as you head out on trekking or traveling trails or go for a walk through the huge backwoods encompassing the town.

Contained thickly lush wildernesses, undulating slope slants, wandering waterways, falling cascades, and verdure valleys-Kodaikanal’s grand excellence never neglects to entrance explorers. Frequently alluded to as the ‘Princess of Hills’, Kodaikanal is perhaps the most mainstream traveler objections in South India.

From sailing in lakes to going for a stroll in the slopes, to investigating caverns and in any event, offering supplications at strict spots-activities in Kodaikanal are practically interminable. Quite possibly the most unmistakable spots to see in Kodaikanal is the Berijam Lake. Situated toward the finish of the Pillar Rock Road, the quiet and purplish blue waters of the lake are profoundly inviting and calming to the eyes. Disregarding characteristic wild, a visit to the Berijam Lake is awesome. Another significant spot of interest in Kodaikanal is the fundamental Kodai Lake.

Being a hill station, it appreciates a cool and wonderful environment round the year. Nonetheless, the best an ideal opportunity to visit Kodaikanal turns out to be the late spring a long time from March to early June when the climate is at its best. Storms are moderate in the area and winters are not cruel by the same token. In this manner making it a most loved traveler objective round the year.

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