Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu Tourism

Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram is an old port city in the Kancheepuram area of Tamil Nadu, extending between the Bay of Bengal and the Great Salt Lake. It is an eminent delegate city of our rich Indian culture and legacy. It is principally a seaport, which lies 58 km away from the capital city Chennai.

Mahabalipuram is a spot that is acclaimed for its sanctuaries and landmarks, particularly the exceptionally celebrated Shore Temple. It comprises of three sanctuaries worked in one single intricate, that was developed path, harking back to the eighth century. Another renowned sanctuary is the Pancha Rathas.

Once managed by the Pallavas, popular for their brilliant engineering and models, Mahabalipuram has wonderful stone cut landmarks that draws designers, history aficionados and explorers from around the world. Mahabalipuram is renowned for its immense sea shore, stone monuments, stone carvings and sanctuaries.

Mahabalipuram Light House: The noteworthy Light House remains on the rough fixes close to the Mahabalipuram shore. On climbing the twisting flight of stairs and arriving at the best, an all encompassing perspective on the immense beach, a few stone designs and the town beneath can be seen.

Shell Museum: Not many think about the Seashell Museum in Mahabalipuram, which is Asia’s biggest shell exhibition hall. The historical center has in excess of 20,000 sorts of shells, conchs, corals and fossils in plain view. This delightful historical center has a horde of shells and conchs of various sizes, in intriguing shapes and designs and staggering tones.

Oceanic Heritage Museum: The Maritime Heritage Museum is a fascinating spot to visit. On its presentation, it has a couple of working models of the Egyptian papyrus boats, wooden, steel and diesel ships, guides of antiquated ocean courses, and itemized data about lights, floats and different gadgets utilized for correspondence and route purposes.

Panch Rathas: Panch Rathas, which means five chariots, are sublime stone designs, each cut out of a solitary immense rock. There is one construction each for the five Pandava siblings, huge characters of the Indian epic Mahabharata. Each solid design grandstands complex carvings and fine show-stopper by the gifted craftsmans of the seventh century.

Shore Temple: Dating back to the eighth century, the staggering Shore Temple is a two-sanctuary structure that stands confronting the ocean. Legends say, there once existed in excess of five constructions so stupendous that it welcomed the jealousy of the divine beings who released the ocean on it.

The climate here stays cool and reasonably muggy consistently, which makes it conceivable to visit any season, despite the fact that the best an ideal opportunity to visit is among October and March.

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