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Rameshwaram is a popular pilgrimage destination on Pamban Island, in the southeast Indian state of Tamil Nadu, The town has special significance to Hindus as one of the holy Char Dham-the four sacred abodes associated with incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Devotees bathe in the waters of Agni Theertham, off the beach east of the temple. Gandamadana Parvatham is a hill with Island view. A chakra (wheel) here is said to bear an imprint of Lord Rama’s feet.

Rameswaram is a mainstream journey objective on Pamban Island, in the southeast Indian territory of Tamil Nadu, The town has uncommon importance to Hindus as one of the blessed Char Dham-the four consecrated homesteads related with manifestations of Lord Vishnu. Enthusiasts wash in the waters of Agni Theertham, off the sea shore east of the sanctuary. Gandamadana Parvatham is a slope with Island see. A chakra (wheel) here is said to bear an engraving of Lord Rama’s feet.

Adi Shankaracharya spread the possibility of Hinduism through Advaita Vedanta and the town of Rameshwaram remains as a declaration of his confidence. One of the four journey places, Char Dham of India, it unassumingly welcomes supporters of Lord Shiva from wherever to pay visit in any event once in the course of their life to the Jyotirlinga introduced in the Ramanathaswamy Temple. Vaishnavites are additionally not left in their commitment to result in these present circumstances place which is accepted to be related with Lord Rama, manifestation of Lord Vishnu also.

Situated in Ramanathapuram region, the town is a piece of Pamban Island otherwise called Rameshwaram Island being related with the legendry sanctuary worked in brilliant Dravidian style of engineering. Arranged at the actual tip of the Indian landmass, the island is associated with Indian terrain by Pamban Bridge on Pamban Channel in Gulf of Mannar.

A visit to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh isn’t viewed as complete as far as journey if not combined with an excursion to Rameshwaram which is supposed to be the Varanasi of South. Welcome to the appeal that enthusiasts come to related with a habitation of God independent of the spot it have a place with.

Ramanathaswamy Temple: ‘Ramanathaswamy’ in a real sense signifies ‘the Master of Rama’ which alludes to Lord Shiva, which the sanctuary is about. There are two ‘lingam’ inside the sanctuary; ‘Ramalingam’ by Devi Sita worked by sand and ‘Viswalingam’ brought by Lord Hanuman from Kailasha (home of Lord Shiva) and introduced by Lord Rama. Sanctuary tanks, corridor of 1000 columns, and a few different sanctums in the sanctuary draw in great many travelers consistently, particularly during Maha Shivratri.

Dhanushkodi Temple: The southernmost tip of Rameshwaram is known as Dhanushkodi, where Kothandaramaswamy sanctuary is found. The spot was frequently destroyed by twisters yet never uprooted a solitary stone of the sanctuary and of confidence, accordingly. The spot is the place where Vibhishana, sibling of Ravana gave up to Lord Rama. Charming area make the visit to the spot and the sanctuary as devout as God has made it.

Tirtham: Various sanctuaries were raised to respect the individuals who had a left an exercise to gain from the epic of Ramayana and that incorporates
• Agni Tirtham – An enormous lake and 22 wells with special tasting waters make it a significant traveler place where they accept to get restored by the corrective properties.
• Ram Tirtham (Gandamadana)- venerated by numerous networks of south India.
• Lakshman Tirtham – Built inside Rameshwaram to give the sibling of the Lord the spot he properly merited aiding his sibling in the sacred conflict against Ravana.
• Jatayu Tirtham – Commemorates the memory of Eagle God who helped Lord Rama in his battle for Devi Sita.
• Kaveri and Jada Tirtham – A spot is intended to love for god Kapardikeshwar and a Peepal tree addressing every one of the divinities.
Panch – Mukhi Hanuman Temple: Lord Hanuman, Lord Adivaraha, Lord Narasimha, Lord Hayagriva and Lord Garuda are the five faces that were uncovered by Lord Hanuman at the holy site, where the current day sanctuary stands. Another fascination of the sanctuary is drifting stone utilized for building transitory Sethu Bandhanam to arrive at Lanka.

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