Velankanni, Tamil Nadu


Velankanni is in Nagapattinam locale of Tamil Nadu. The town is home to one of the most visited Roman Catholic Latin Rite shrines called the Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health. Christians as well as individuals of different religions result in these present circumstances Church to ask at the altar of Our woman of wellbeing.

Knowing the significance of this town the Pope in the Vatican City has proclaimed Velankanni as a Holy city. This Roman Catholic Church has an all-inclusive Basilica, which has two stories where one can discover the sculpture of Jesus Christ. The Gothic style of design is a remarkable element of the Church. The actual congregation is a monumental structure with motivating engineering. While the structures have been painted white top of the congregation is made by the tiles with striking red rather than the shade of the dividers. The climate around the sanctum is spotless. Transmitting beams of expectation and devotion. There is likewise a holy place of ‘woman of distress ‘ where in the grieving Mother is portrayed conveying baby Jesus in her grasp.

A 10-day long banquet is coordinated every year at the congregation of Velankanni. It is perhaps the main celebrations of the town and individuals travel from all over to participate in it. The blowout recognizes the Lady of Good Health, to whom the altar is devoted. The root of the celebration traces all the way back to the sixteenth century and from that point forward, it is coordinated every year with extraordinary assurance. The dining experience is coordinated on the 29th of August every year, and is begun by lifting a banner. The banner is raised ceaselessly for the following 9 days too, till the end of the gala. More than 3 million individuals are said to descend for the gala consistently.

Aside from the basilica there are various things that one can do in Velankanni.
Velankanni Beach – The sea shore at Velankanni is a huge spread of brilliant sand. Ideal for seeing the dawn, visit here before sunrise.
Velankanni Church Museum – Visit the congregation gallery with shows that take you through the historical backdrop of the congregation and the advancement of the town over the most recent couple of hundreds of years.
Nagapattinam Town – Visit the little seaside village where the congregation is found. Here, see anglers at work in the mornings, the clamoring markets and neighborhood life nearby other people.


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