Village Tourism in Kerala

Kerala Village Tourism centers around effectively taking part in a provincial way of life of Kerala. It tends to be a variation of ecotourism. Numerous villages can work with tourism in light of the fact that numerous Kerala villagers are cordial and anxious to welcome guests.

Occasions in country Kerala take you past the Cochin and Trivandrum into conventional, inviting villages. Appreciate homestays, nature strolls, valley journey, weaving workshops and the delight of homecooked suppers, imparted to nearby has and families.

The development in the Kerala provincial tourism market as of late implies that numerous Kerala villages have now discovered a spot on the tourist map. In addition to the fact that it provides the villagers with a genuinely necessary extra kind of revenue, guests can interface with them and gain an uncommon understanding into their lifestyle. They say the core of Kerala lies in her villages. Here are some top methods of encountering them. In case you’re worried about forfeiting your solaces, don’t be. There are extravagance convenience choices too in some spots.

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Past the picturesque backwater, enthralling slopes, and rich natural life are off the beaten tourist villages of Kerala that are only the ideal spot to the individuals who wishes to see something offbeat. Basically quiet, and tranquil, in the villages of Kerala one can see the most unblemished type of nature, scarcely immaculate by industrialization, and showing the customary way of living.

Great in numbers, an outing to villages on a tour to Kerala can acquaint one with various shades of the state for instance at Kovalam villages is known for its exercises like coir producing, coconut leaf weaving, and fish markets. In like manner, Wayanad is the place where one can meet, and welcome most established clans, which are scarcely immaculate by progress. Plus, watching angler rehearsing the conventional fishing strategies in backwaters is a treat for the eyes. Nearby foods and Kerala of Kerala villages are an absolute necessity attempt as well, particularly Toddy Trapping, which is removed from the coconut palms.

The should visit village tourism attractions in Kerala are in Kuttanad, Cherai, Kovalam, Kumarakom, and Kumbalangi. A stay in any of these villages of Kerala can restore one’s detects, and acquaint with out and out an alternate side of the state.

The spirit of Kerala dwells in the rural landscapes of villages that summon new encounters on each visit. Village life of God’s Own Country is an orchestra made on strings out of magnificence painted with bunch customs and societies.

Immaculate and untrodden by the dim hands of industrialization and disgusting makeover of metropolitan complexity, the rustic existence of Kerala offers voyagers a flawless, serene, native experience.


Far away from the hustle clamor of city life, the provincial land decked with quiet backwaters, green covered paddy fields, influencing coconut palms, little fishing villas and one of a kind artistic expressions is an encounter to love until the end of time. These villages usher us into a reality where happiness and harmony win.

Village tourism in Kerala can acquaint one with various shades of the state. The serene climate, clean water, coconut ranches, and new fields all around assist tourists with having an astonishing, natural, valid, and extraordinary experience of their life. During the stay at Kerala village, one can get the opportunity to feel and appreciate the straightforwardness of villagers.


Villages like Kerala offer us a break from the hurrying around of metropolitan life into a universe of harmony and serenity. Seeing the village occupants play out their day by day tasks and exercises, the nearby specialties, and imaginativeness of Kerala people upgrade the appeal of this place and draw in real essence darlings.

The country life of Kerala has an amazingly consistent speed in current life movement. You will without a doubt be astonished to realize that local people of Kerala village actually carry on with the lovely and basic existence of more established occasions. A tour to Kerala village is a certain method to partake in your days off in a quiet, serene, and most straightforward spot.


You can likewise appreciate Village Tourism in Kerala at Responsible Tourism Destinations in Kerala like Kumarakom, Kovalam, Vaikom, Marayoor, Vagamon, Nilambur, Palakkad, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Kannur, Kasaragod, Malappuram, Kothamangalam, Kalpetta, Kattappana, Aymenem, Wayanad, Thodupuzha, Idukki, Pathanamthitta, Gavi, Kottayam, Kollam, Alappuzha, Munnar, Vavannoor, Udayagiri, Aranmula, Cheppad, Teekoy, and so forth Another spot to visit is Kumbalangi which is the principal tourism village in Kerala.

The villages in Kerala offer a dining experience to the eyes of the voyagers via its all encompassing perspective on the fields, ranches, slopes, streams and lakes. Local people take part in fishing, cultivating, stoneware, jute making and painstaking work. The guests are taken on a tour around the village, where you can see numerous craftsmans at work. Stone cutting, carpentry, decorate work, material square printing, potters at their wheels – such uncommon sights offer bliss and help to the voyagers. Some of Keralas most fascinating highlights can be seen during these tours. These tours can likewise be joined with visits to ancestral villages and to major spots of tourist interest. Such village tours are enlightening as well as agreeable and unwinding.

Coir Making Experience


Coir making is a significant piece of Kerala village life as it is the primary control of backwater people. The name “Kerala” is gotten from the Colloquial language, which signifies “the place where there is coconuts.” Kerala is notable for the staggering coconut items it creates as well. Coir, Coconut Mats, Toddy, Copra, Husks and so on It’s a characteristic fiber item produced using the external husk that covers the shell of the coconut.

Drink (Kallu) Tapping


Village tourism in Kerala is inadequate without attempting Toddy Tapping .”Toddy” is the strength of Kerala. It is a neighborhood alcohol separated from coconut Palms at Kerala. The “Madhura Kallu” is one of the drinks at Kerala, and one can undoubtedly extricate it from the new coconuts. It is normally taken with unimaginably delicious prepared fish (karimeen pollichathu) or some spiced pickles. Drink tapping is perhaps the most stunning and fun exercises for tourists at Kerala. Along these lines, one should add it into a plan for the day for Kerala tour.

Visit Nalukettu and Kavu


Get a hang of the legacy history of Kerala and Kerala village life in the well established occasions by visiting Nalukettu. During the visit to Kerala Village, you should visit the 350 years of age house “Nalukettu house.” It is an old fashioned spot and addresses an old engineering plan of Kerala. A Hindu family actually lives in this house. Remember to visit Kavu. Kavu is a holy spot in Kerala close customary homes. Snakes, alongside their families, are accepted to dwell here. This spot holds unique strict significance. Do visit the Kavu on your visit to Kerala.

Cycling through Kerala Villages


Experience the Kerala village excellence while spinning through little anglers’ villages and lavish coconut trees. Cycling is among the best time and pleasurable exercises in Kerala village for tourists. During the cycling in the Kerala village, you will encounter the amazing magnificence around the backwaters, paddy fields and sandy sea shores. The invitingness, culture, and legacy of the Kerala public can likewise be appreciated during cycling.

Stroll in Kerala Paddy Fields


A stroll over the paddy land in the fields of Kerala, a completely unique and breathtaking verdant inclination. A stroll in the tight banks that isolates one field from another may make you fail to remember all the other things while appreciating Village Tourism in Kerala. The astonishing vegetation all around exhibits the magnificence of nature. You should encounter a stroll through the paddy fields of this village, however be cautious about the water channels that you may experience in your manner through the fields.



The customary technique for Canoe Fishing is still by and by in the backwaters of Kerala, where anglers go for fishing through fishing snares in little kayaks. These little boats are normally stopped in the focal point of the backwaters and casting rods with traps are utilized for fishing. Backwater inhabitants as a rule rely on fishing as their principle wellspring of job. The fishes, crabs, shellfish, prawns and lobsters are their normal finding in backwaters. The staggering taste of the ‘pearl-spot’ fishes should be appreciated at Kerala backwaters.

Kerala Country Boating


An excursion in the nation boats gives the opportunity to think about the way of life of the local individuals of Kerala. It’s anything but an opportunity to investigate part backwaters of Kerala addressing its way of life wonderfully. While riding a boat, one can see the wonderful view around backwaters, the well known Chinese fishnets, rich green fields, locals playing out their tasks and artworks. Along the peaceful streams, a cool wind and birds tweeting welcome the guests. It’s an excursion that you will not at any point forget in your life.

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